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The services we offer allow us to help our clients better manage, predict, and analyze the flow of information in the many incarnations and channels of communications we experience and utilize everyday. We’re not a massive consulting firm that wear ties and navy blue sports coats. Our style and vibe may be fun, inclusive and relaxed, but our work is on point and engaging.

Below is a brief outline of how we think about the work we do. We feel very strongly about taking a cutting edge approach to helping our clients reimagine the way they work. If it’s communications we are all over it. Our services range from building and establishing a digital office to supplement your physical location or helping your C-suite learn the nuances of the modern workplace or shoot a YouTube-style announcement. Whatever it is, we are here to help. Please feel free to reach out with a question, request, or to confirm you’re heading in the right direction. That’s what we’re here for.


Workplace Transformation

Digital transformation is so much more than moving everything to cloud. We believe there are so many moving parts in any transformation strategy that we focus primarily on one very important variable: the humans. We call this effort workplace transformation. Workplace transformation explores the impact of a digital work environment on employees and the way they work.

It's understandable and expected that people need help navigating the complexities of why, how and when. Too often our change management is centered around tool training and schedules instead of communications and because workplace transformation has a heavy emphasis on the way engage with content and each other it's important to help our employees understand the nuances of modern day communications.

Digital Office

It's been a while since we have had a major disruption to the way we communicate. We haven't seen a shift this drastic since email replaced fax machines. We think the best way to conceptualize this evolution is to stop thinking about the office as a physical location and start imagining the office as a digital first environment. Our job is to help our clients design and build digital office environments, better leverage asynchronous project management, and educate employees on the nuances of more social workplace. A digital office consists of  

Adoption and change management

The adoption strategies we utilize at Carpool are community centric and inspired by how communities start, grow and change in the consumer space. We leverage research that directs the way in which we work with the business owners, thought leaders and experts, and embedded evangelists. We use the power of storytelling and work-related momentum to inform others and establish growth patterns based on natural or existing work flows. Our approach to change management is built from the ground up and designed around modern workplace principles and tools. It is specific to communications and because humans are at the of everything we do our adoption success is fluid and focused on impacting the bottom line.

Check out more details about our adoption and change management partnership with Microsoft.

Space management

The way we think about the physical space in which we work is also changing because of the impact of the digital office. Our services in this area center around helping you understand how the physical space can evolve and reimagine how is services the needs of your employees and visitors.

Our approach to office transformation takes cues from modern trends such as open space environments and co-working models to more traditional set ups such as offices and individual focus areas. But what makes us different is our expertise in the modern workplace and how utilizing the digital office informs our design and usability strategies. Our goal is to maximize employee productivity by using variables from places of impact that typically are not used in office space development.


Communication Chain Management

We are communication chain management specialists. We map, track, and improve how information flows through an organization to customers and back again. Communication chain management is the discipline of concentrating the value impact of information in the right places at the right time by linking and connecting typically siloed communication channels with modern technology and evolved social practices. Doing this allows us to design efficient flow models and strategies that increase revenues and cut costs. 

Channel analysis

Some times we think our intranet is doing great because it looks slick, but when we look at the numbers we learn a different story. Other times we think a group on the internal social network is a distraction, but it turns out it’s a key contributor to the company’s culture. Understanding what channels are restricting or facilitation the flow of information allows us to map the communications ecosystem and more effectively chart an impactful engagement strategy. Once we know how information flows we can determine what channels are working and invest in making them better or use the knowledge to replicate the success elsewhere.


Telling stories and listening to stories is part of being human. We love stories because we are entertained, engaged and we use them as a means to facilitate imagination. We use storytelling to help people visualize what their futures might be like if they evolve the way they work. We paint pictures of improved productivity, increased accuracy, or a more connected workforce by telling the stories of peers and colleges. We focus on the human elements that make stories relatable, but ensure the underlying themes are in line with business goals and cultural values.

Tool utilization and governance

Modern tools are designed to make life easier, but that’s not always the case at first go. A quick reflection on how technology has evolved the way we engage as consumers doesn’t suggest a simplified set of tools and associated features, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Yet our transformation and adoption of new tools, based on social cues and the introduction of pivotal mores, gives us a new found capacity to consume more and ultimately do more. With new tools comes new complexities and it’s important to establish governance that covers everything from protecting employees, company IP, maintaining security, and social sprawl that is customized to the company’s communication ecosystem.


Shift campaigns and more…

Shift campaigns

For years and years advertising agencies have used the concept of a campaign to manage the work they do for their clients. We too use campaigns to manage our engagements and because of our emphasis in adoption and change management we refer to them as shift campaigns. The campaign structure allows us to be more agile, nibble and creative.

Creative production

Our emphasis on creativity in our engagements means we focus on what people need and that allows Creative production includes video, design, and development production services. The history of our company is founded on imagination and execution. Our work is derived from approaching each engagement with purpose and direction. 

Our creative services include:

  • Video direction and production

  • Design

  • Content creation

  • Presentations

Ongoing Support

One of our philosophies is to empower our clients to be the champions of the adoption efforts we put in place so when we leave there is still a strong foundation in place to ensure the changes stick. If there is a need to provide more support then we are always willing to help. Our support services include:

  • Executive coaching

  • Community management

  • Small group training


Delivery leadership is the execution of the ideas, strategies, and vision of others in ways that drive desired and expected results. We assist our clients by managing engagements from inception to phase next.

For more information about how to engage with Carpool check out our Offerings page or drop us a note.


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