“I love a happy and healthy community.
For me, that’s better than ice cream.”

Community Manager


Why Carpool?

Most of what we do is designed to help align people, point them in the right direction, and then help them get there. Sounds like a carpool to us.

We started out as a design and dev shop, but we saw a need to help our clients better understand and utilize modern communications principles and tools; so we pivoted. We have evolved into a consulting agency specializing in how information flows through an organization, but we hold true to what got us here and infuse creative problem solving into the strategies we develop, the campaigns we design and the change we implement.


Our approach

We are big believers in the power of community and the impact of human influence on why and how we change. The introduction of change management can often be misconstrued as “you’re doing it wrong, try this new way” and typically that’s not the reason driving the change. If the reason for change is an opportunity to do something better our positioning, messaging and related adoption strategies should reflect that.

Our approach centers around community growth principles and practices. A community most commonly grows in waves and is based on influence and common vision. A community naturally wants to grow and if the purpose of the community is beneficial to its members then they will be the reason for its growth. The influence wave methodology we subscribe to is built on people observation, research insights and opportunities and a heavy dose of data and analytics.


People and experiences

We know a good amount about technology, it’s core to what we do and we’ve spent a lot of time with our technology partners who love to talk about users and tools, but at heart we are storytellers. We choose to focus on people and their experiences as a way to help people evolve. When dealing with workplace transformation we are, by default, messing with people’s current frame of reference—a personalized ecosystem of refined productivity they have created and that works for them.

A shift to a new paradigm is typically emotional and needs to be justified by more than a logical transition strategy and crisp schedule. Our people need a reason that goes beyond logistics and well-crafted emails. They need authentic stories to help them see the vision and an emotional understanding of the reason for the change. We believe that message resonates best when it comes from a familiar and trusted voice in a safe community environment.


Employees, customers, and back again

Our visioning starts inside an organization with its employees and how information flows from one person to another. We also have an eye on that communication impacts customer engagement, and ultimately how it comes back again. It's a pretty simple cycle but drastically under analyzed. Being able to follow the flow of information as it follows the cycle of engagement allows us to analyze where and how it can be improved, removed, emphasized, streamlined and where the content can add more value.

Communication is a common denominator and the vehicle in which information is transported. For a business it’s a commodity that should be managed, analyzed, and respected just like we would a product, service or the money that pays our bills.


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