Virtual Training and the Introduction of Asynchronous Education

Background: Involve was a readiness offering at Microsoft that allowed their field to access virtual training programs. A combination of Live VILT (virtual instructor-led training), and OnDemand (pre-recorded sessions) were provided on key topics. 

Insight: Involve had a strong offering, but awareness was low. Ownership of communication was placed on the business sponsors and there was inconsistency of message and a lack of leadership support to promote the available training programs. 

Solution: Carpool provided a communications plan and execution strategy that included community management of a global Involve Yammer group. This community focused on promoting the benefits and features of Involve, and provided a method for peer-to-peer learning and support. 

Outcome: The potential for asynchronous training gained traction and further leadership support at Microsoft. Involve was ultimately transitioned into a platform that allowed for greater reach and attendance, but the principles of VILT and the use of Yammer to centralize the audience and provide peer-to-peer discussion were key to the success of Microsoft’s internal virtual training today.