“Video is good because we are intrinsically more invested in the message.”



If the human brain processes video 60,000 times faster than text*, one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words**, and 59% of business decision makers would rather watch a video than read a blog post***, one might ask: why don't we use video more at work?


There is power in video

Video can take your communications to the next level by reaching your audience with a more compelling medium whenever and wherever they are. And it's not just watching video, the enterprise services now available make the experience interactive and engaging.

How Carpool can help

Carpool provides full pre-to-post production services. If you need support writing a script, producing a live event, or creating a buzz video, our team can help you produce a professional video experience for your audience.


Content and message development

It's important to have a clear message that translates well to video. We can help you plan, write, and deliver your message in a compelling and engaging way.

Shooting in Video.png

Capturing the experience

Sound, lighting, background, framing, presenter management, and flow, there is a lot to think about when producing a great video. We can help with each of these things and our experience and creativity can add some extra goodness here and there.

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Post production

Once the content is captured our production team will add music, graphics, and ensure your video is ready to be be consumed throughout your ecosystem.


Audience engagement

We can help drive engagement around your video. Our creative team can work with you to develop a campaign that will drive views and generate participation.


Carpool Video Services


Live Sessions

A live event or presentation allows you to take your presentations to the next level. Live sessions engage your audience with an authentic presentation and through the use of multiple cameras, screen capture, remote presenters and live chat so you can interact in real time in a professional and approachable way.


Town Halls

Carpool's Town Hall is the white glove service. We create strategy, define expectations and execute based on your requirements and expectations. We set up, manage, and produce the event with multiple cameras, screen capturing, remote participation, and customized branding. We can facilitate multiple presenters from around the globe to engage your audience, infusing diversity and culture into your presentation. We also support in post-production and analysis to make sure you receive all the benefits of your town hall event.


Buzz videos

When your communications needs require a more precise message with more room for creativity and storytelling, buzz videos offer an opportunity to reach your audience with an engaging and entertaining message.  Buzz videos are a fun way to solve problems and educate your people. They can be small and quick or creative and ambitious. Whatever your need is the Carpool team can help from ideation through to post production.


Live Events with Office 365 and Microsoft Stream

We know and understand the Office 365 + Microsoft Stream video ecosystem very well. The interconnectivity of O365 products helps you to develop a strategy that will reach your audience in the most effective and practical way possible. Understanding which platform to utilize and effectively managing your event in real time will evolve the way you connect, influence, and work with your audience.


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References: * Persuasion and the Role of Visual Presentation Support: The UM/3M Study, Douglas R. Vogel on June, 1986; ** How Video Will Take Over The World, by James L. McQuivey on June 17, 2008; *** Video Marketing: The Future of Content Marketing, Forbes, Matt Bowman, February 2017