Welcome to the Carpool Ecosystem

The ecosystem is a group of like-minded, semi-dependent individuals working together as a boutique communications agency. Our purpose is two-fold: help our clients evolve the way they work and reinvent the relationship between employees and the companies they work with.  

The way the ecosystem works is fairly strait forward. We are a social business, meaning the main focus is for the benefits the people over the company. Meaning the company takes zero profits and therefore there is no shareholder distributions. Would be profits are distributed to those who do the work, based on experience and value output, in the form of higher compensation and to the client in savings. 

There are four main areas we focus when discussing the ecosystem:


The ecosystem is it's people

Carpool is a manager-less ecosystem where the individual talents of the group are collectively used to benefit the specific communication needs of our clients. We believe each person brings a unique skillset and range of experience which, through natural selection or “free symbiosis”(link), engagement leads are able to select the best team for the needs of the client. Each engagement has a foundation of interdependency that delivers the needs of the project. That interdependency also provides experience and establishes history, both of which will inform future engagements. 

People in the ecosystem are either independent individuals, known as associates, or formal businesses, who we call partners. The long-term motivations for an associate and a partner may be different, but each serve a purpose in establishing, growing and strengthening the community that makes up the Carpool ecosystem. The ecosystem is flexible and is built on autonomy and trust. It’s about more than making a profit, it’s about doing something you love so you can live the life you choose. 

Ecosystem archetypes


The ecosystem has…


So how does one make money?

We firmly believe people should be paid based on their talent, capacity and the value of their output. There are four ways to earn money in the ecosystem:

  1. Engagement Lead
  2. Project Support
  3. Business Development Commissions
  4. Referrals

We have a few guidelines that allow us to do what we do.

  • We discourage hourly rates in favor of contracted rates per project
  • Monthly invoices (payments made on the 15th of every month)

Any project that uses the ecosystem will receive a 20% fee. All fees are used to pay operating expenses, incentives, marketing, and taxes. 


Engagement Example 

Communication channel analysis and strategy, leading to a second engagement consisting of content development, community management and website design and build. The project was found by a business development associate and handed off to an engagement lead who built out the team based on the client’s needs.

Phase 1 - PO: $35,000

$5,250 - Biz dev commissions (15%)

$5,250 - Engagement lead

$15,000 - Strategist

$2,500 - Research support

$7,000 - Carpool


Phase 2 - PO: $80,000

$8,500 - Biz dev commissions (10%)

$17,500 - Engagement lead

$2,000 - Strategist

$10,000 - Design

$20,000 - Dev team

$5,000 - PM

$5,000 - Community management

$17,000 - Carpool


If you are interested in learning more about joining the ecosystem let's chat. 


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