Communication Strategy and Design is the architecture of effective information flow. Well structured communications design can help increase sales, cut costs and enrich employee, partner, and customer engagement. 


A Learning-based Foundation

Our unique solutions aggregate the creative process of an advertising agency, the strategic vision of a consulting firm, and the social principles of a digital community. We use the lens of creativity to increase the stickiness of the engagement. Analytics gives us a foundation to stand on and a way to find insights. The social principles that drive digital communities help us evolve the way people get stuff done. Approaching each engagement with this foundation encourages us to think differently about the way we work… and that’s a good thing. 


Our Approach

We approach each of our engagements with a logical four step process: learn, design, build, and manage. Using this process helps our clients save time and money, create stronger connections between teams, empower leaders and employees, and enable a more engaging customer experiences. It also affords us predictability, speeding up the discovery process and moving us in the right direction sooner.


Tools & Approaches 

The work we do is based on key guiding principles, proven methodologies, and a rich understanding of communication tools and services. Some of these principles, methodologies and tools are: understanding the flow of information, the discovery of actionable insights, mapping and simplify communication channels, narrative development, and how to set up an change management influence wave. Learn more about how we do what we do at the soltuion library. 




Channel Impact and Effectiveness

We conducted research about the effectiveness of a client’s existing channels of communication. Based on the results, we recommended a set of changes for their all-hands meetings, streamlining the SharePoint site strategy, moving to a more conversational, social feed versus email newsletters, and introducing a video channel. These options were prioritized based on audience feedback, stakeholder priorities, the potential for impact, and a scheduled plan.


Start with the Champs

A communications strategy is created and a team of early adopters are carefully picked to help lead the rest of the team/organization by example. The engagement plan for the champs is choreographed using principles of communicate management, content distribution and a publishing cadence that offers them a chance to showcase what ideal participation should look like. Based on engagement of the community, the next wave of champs is identified, educated and supported. Wave one moves on to the next phase and we start preparing for wave three. And so on… 


A Collection of Stories

An executive shares her vision of the future and the roles people will play in helping archive some lofty goals. She doesn’t just want to create dialog within her organization to ensure people understand the vision and also solicit feedback. Instead of creating a PowerPoint and sharing it at an expensive and impersonal all-hands meeting, she shares her ideas in a series of videos posted to an internal social environment. She actively participates in the conversation which informs her follow up videos. This method of communication allows her to move quickly and adapt her message while also allowing her people to active participants in a conversation that will impact their output.


NOTE: Each of these scenarios are from actual clients, but due to the sensitive nature of the information we can't use actual information. For examples of actual work please take a look at the case studies below. 


Case Studies

Connecting the Channel

Formal Customer Communications

Culture Infused Communications