A new channel of deeper connection with partners

Too often the channel of engagement we use are the safe and familiar paths of those who did the job before us. Our innovation typically comes in the form of content tweaks and prettier email banners. This was the case with Intel and the way they communicated with their partners. They weren’t doing anything wrong, they were just doing what had been done before. The difference, now there where more and more Intel teams who wanted to tap into the pipeline and the email messages


Carpool was hired to help understand what was happening to the communications going to partners, how they felt and what could potentially be done to improve the engagement between Intel and its massive network of partners.


We set out with surveys and interviews to better understand the pain points of the audience and also ask for potential solutions from internal stakeholders and the parters we interviewed. We compared what we found with the data Intel was getting from their email campaigns and from that defined opportunities and justified recommended strategy through actionable insights.


The data and sentiment, both numbers and quotes, was clear, and while we are not allowed to go into detail, we can share that there wasn’t one magic bullet/solution that was going to solve this issue. We were able to prescribe a range of strategic solutions from easy and simple to implement all the way up to high-investment and long-term roll out. The key was to first identify why the communications channel wasn’t working according to the recipients and then understanding what was being lost through the current practices of heavy email blasts.