Modern Marketer Banners  (positioning, copy, & design)

Six images in series - client requested safe and expected as well as bold and personal. 

Learning & Readiness at MS Ready(engagement strategy, design, copy, and more)

An Out-of-the-box SharePoint site that was built to house promotional items for Readiness Business Partners (RBPs) to utilize for promotion of happenings at Microsoft Ready (Pre & Post, and also for in-person and virtual attendees). We were tasked with concept and creation of the assets on the site including:

  • Walking deck
  • Track-specific BOMs
    • Poster
    • PPT template
    • Content library (we wrote audience-specific and broken into format by vehicle)
  • PPT template
  • .OFT template

In addition, we created and managed a social campaign on Yammer (including writing of content). The breakdown of this activity is included in the L&R Social Calendar.

Intel Infographic  (copy & design)


HP - Project Runway Invite (copy & design)


Xbox - Diversity & Inclusion Campaign  (storyboard, direction, production, design)


Verity - Introduction Campaign(written & produced)

Sales Desk - Global Promotional Campaign (creative, copy, & design)

Four in series - global campaign that needed to be simple and resonate with sellers on different levels.