Always on change lead by the CEO

The RealFoundations CEO believes a modern workplace helps give his company a competitive advantage. Yammer is an integral part of their daily business operations so when it came time to introduce Microsoft Teams into the mix they called Carpool to help them analyze their Yammer network and find out what insights could aid in the launch of the new collaboration software.


Being active and aggressive in adopting the Microsoft stack will help maintain a competitive advantage.


Carpool performed a discovery and analysis on the current usage of Office 365 apps, including SharePoint, Yammer, Teams, Stream and more in order to better understand how people were using the software and the impact it was having on their efforts. We also interviewed key stakeholders to gain additional insight and ideas on potential speed bump and existing opportunities or best practices.


The research naturally led to a study of how senior executives where utilizing Office 365. The results allowed us to create archetypes based on habits and outcomes related to performance giving the senior leaders an reflection of how work styles impacted the work. It also gave other employees an outline of what they could do to emulate the leadership of the company.