In order to demystify customer success with Yammer, Microsoft needs to supplement their fully produced case studies of rockstars like Nationwide and Red Robin with smaller, more relatable stories told in an authentic voice. The object would be to produce stories that any Yammer customer would come away believing they could replicate at their company. 



Carpool will manage, host, and produce a pop-up vlog series. It will consist of 10 vlogs that focus on the influence of social tools and how Yammer, specifically, is changing the way they do business. The series will dive into the practical application and execution of Yammer networks and what each interviewee is doing to get results. We will use a lighter first-person style that is gaining a lot of momentum in the consumer space.


Example of vibe
& production style



While we will prompt customers to talk about successes that map to the following list of scenarios that are promoted by Microsoft, we’ll prioritize bringing out the stories that the customers are most passionate about:

  • The purpose of the series - interview with Steve
  • Work together as a group
  • Improve employee engagement and retention
  • Self-guided learning and development
  • Crowdsource answers to help close sales opportunities
  • Collect feedback to accelerate a product launch
  • Stay ahead of the competition with Compete Groups
  • Manage IT services with your users
  • Create a two-way dialogue with employees
  • Build learning communities online


Again, while we want to keep the conversation natural, we’ll strive to follow the same pattern with each video:

  • Intro of the person interviewed, make them human
  • The business challenge / scenario
  • How the solution leveraged the tools
  • Impact story, as personal as possible

Sponsorship, Promotion & Media Plan


Microsoft will be the main sponsor of this series and the financial backing, but we will work with other sponsors who have YouTube channels, blogs, and a vested interest in sharing the content. It may be on their LinkedIn/Twitter or other social accounts, but our goal is to increase distribution and offer a more concentrated conversation.

There will be a full sponsor which will receive logo placement in the credits of each vlog or a half sponsor which will receive a “shout out” during one of the vlogs (think: product placement). An example of our media plan will be to have sponsors create a YouTube playlist on their channels that we will brand and promote.

Carpool will provide the native video files to sponsors who can update the intros with their own logos/branding. Sponsors will be able to engage customers and clients in a conversation using the videos as case studies. Or they can use them for training. 

Carpool will work with Microsoft to produce a list of potential sponsors and Carpool will manage the sponsorship commitment and logistics. 



Carpool will produce each vlog with full editing, music, and effects. Videos won't be branded to allow for other brands to shine. Microsoft will have final review of each video to ensure it meets quality standards, including subtitles. We will also make sure content is in line with Microsoft brand and product goals and objectives. 

Microsoft will supply Carpool with:

  1. Contacts for customers that 
    • have a practical (rubber hits the road) success story to tell that hasn’t been told, and 
    • might have someone at Ignite, if only to make it easier to get a lot of video in a short time
  2. Brand guidelines that apply to the vlog format described above
  3. Release forms for customers from legal

Carpool will then coordinate with these customers to:

  1. Kick-off meeting to discuss the topic and expectations
  2. Connection with customer (as needed) until Ignite 
  3. Company and hero background research
  4. Obtain legal releases
  5. Capture some video from their home office before Ignite, including b-roll
  6. Capture video of the key contact at Ignite
  7. Engage with sponsoring partners
  8. Produce an engaging final edit
  9. Review with Microsoft marketing
  10. Help produce sponsors versions of the vlogs
  11. Make sure videos are uploaded and playlists are created
  12. Basic analytics - number of views and feedback from partners

Timeline and Cost

  • First video posted during Ignite to leverage the Ignite buzz

  • Two videos will be posted each week for five weeks

  • $75,000 for 10 vlog episodes (3-5 min each), customer management, sponsorship, and misc. expenses