We use the strategic lens of communications to approach opportunities and solve problems. Our unique solutions aggregate the creative process of an advertising agency, the strategic vision of a consulting firm, and the social principles of a digital community. Everything we do is designed to evolve the way people engage with content, technology, and each other.


  • Discovery and Analysis
  • Environment Design
  • Infrastructure Architecture and Construction
  • Communication Management Strategies
  • Engagement Best Practices
  • Ecosystems Support 

Current State Analysis

When we perform a current state analysis we look at what our client wants to achieved? What is in their way? What does success look like? And what is the consumer asking for?  

  1. Business opportunities

  2. Paint points and obstacles 

  3. Stakeholder expectations

  4. Audience needs and wants


Flow of Information

Understanding the flow of information requires researching what content lives where, what channels it moves through, and which people are creating and consuming.

Once we know how information flows we can determine what channels are working and invest in making them better or use the knowledge to replicate the success somewhere else.

We can also determine what channels are less impactful and fix, replace, or shut them down.



In this phase we build out the strategy developed in the design phase. Implementation of the developed strategies often requires tweaks to or overhauls of existing infrastructure. Carpool will either do this ourselves or work with a trusted partner who has the required expertise.

As part of the build phase we establish engagement patterns, test information flow channels, and ensure analytics are tracked correctly. We also identify, inform, and educate key players by providing support, coaching, and training.