“It shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution. We’re all built different… and that’s a good thing.”



On the journey to a modern way of working every client requires a unique solution. It’s our job to help you discover, solve and navigate whatever is next in your transition.



Our entry points:

We have six different entry points to our engagements. It can be as light and informal as a free 30 minute chat or as deep and committed as a six month community implementation. Whatever your need, we approach each opportunity as a blank canvas and with an open mind. Our objective is to help guide you and your people in to the new and exciting world of the modern workplace so you can transform the way you approach every day, reimagine how people engage and information flows.


Let’s have a chat…

We would love to chat with you. The more we talk to the people who are willing and wanting to make the shift to a more modern workplace the more we learn. So feel free to reach out and set up a time to have a quick chat. Oh, and it’s free…



We’re here to help

Maybe you and your team a ready and willing to jump into the modern workplace world and all you need is a bit of help and some training. Let us help you out. We can send one of our experts to you to do it in person or we can do a live event. We make it fun and interesting so your learning is impactful and engaging.



Gain a better understand how information flows

Our approach to better understanding the flow of information through your organization is to look at three what the group is feels as a collective, what stakeholders believe and what the data reveals.



Let’s make things happen

Easier said than done, right? Our approach to adoption and change management focuses on humans and is centered around community-centric principles, but the implementation of the strategies we recommend manifest themselves in so many different ways. We follow agile adoption methodology which means we are always watching, learning, adjusting, and improving. We like to do this with a campaign style of execution, much like an advertising campaign. Keep it fresh, clean, and engaging.



We’ve got ya

Part of our business model is to teach our clients so they can do it themselves, leaving as little long-term dependency as possible. That being said, we understand that there may be times where you’ll need some help and we can do that. It may be community management, communications/business strategy, campaign management, or project management, whatever communications needs you have, we’re here for you.



If it’s about the finer details

In our experience we have found that in order to lead an organization into the future it’s good to know what the future of work looks like. Our services include more focused and intimate conversations with senior leaders that are designed to help them learn and understand how the vehicle of modern communications can help them transform their company.


Introducing the extended family

Carpool is an ecosystem of employees, partners, contractors, and clients, and that means when your needs reach beyond our abilities we have a trusted network of people who can help.