To Our Microsoft Clients

Thank you for the opportunity to support your team SharePoint site over the years. Below is an update on how recent and future changes to the SharePoint platform will impact the site we helped you create.


An example legacy Carpool framework site


We’re excited about the changes that have come to SharePoint recently, to the point that we are now recommending a drastic reduction in custom development work that’s needed to drive business results. Because of this shift, we are ending our support for sites built on the Carpool framework at the end of 2017. The custom components of your site will no longer be supported by either Carpool or Microsoft IT at that time.

Your current Carpool-built site will continue to function as-is. We know of no impending release that will “break” your site, and so you could continue with your current site at no cost to you. However, your site will not be able to adopt the newest web parts and functionality coming from Office 365. For example, your site will not take advantage of simple embedding of Stream video or integration with Office 365 Groups.


We can help you move your site to a new fully supported framework, which has the following benefits:

  • Lower development time and cost.
  • Easier publishing, even on your phone.
  • Integration with your membership groups for easy permissions.

We’ve built sites on the new SharePoint foundation, and have found that it offers both a beautiful presentation and most of what our clients have asked for in functionality over the years. We can still extend these sites with some custom functionality when it’s needed, but we see a more promising opportunity for teams to redirect their investments.

A new portal we're building for Operations

 Take a step back... look at the flow

Take a step back... look at the flow


Accordingly, our emphasis at Carpool has shifted from building attractive front doors for your site, which is now handled well by the native service, towards providing a more holistic analysis and design of your communications infrastructure and culture. We want to help teams adopt a true modern workplace by embracing the entire suite of tools in Office 365 and beyond.

Read more about our services, reach out to us in email or Yammer if you have questions about your existing site, or to have a chat about how we can increase the impact of your communications.


If you would like to build a version of your site on the new SharePoint framework, this will generally involve the following at a minimum:

  • Confirming the general site structure is still valid
  • Creating a new site, libraries, and calendars
  • Migrating existing content (assumption: about 10 pages, and 2-3 document libraries)

This can usually be accomplished in 2-3 weeks at a cost of $5000.

This estimate would not include:

  • Migrating custom lists or content beyond that described above
  • Full content discovery / rearchitecture
  • Rebuilding required custom functionality
  • Office 365 Group architecture assessment and design

Ready to move to a Modern Workplace?