From Policy Exercise to Engagement Opportunity

Background: Microsoft’s Retail and Online Stores team approached us to help them encourage their global employees to use Yammer in better alignment with policy. They believed a more official presence and purpose would help.

Insight: Before our engagement had even begun, we brought insights from the data for Microsoft’s internal network to which we already had access. This allowed us to not only bring ready solutions to their business challenge, but to illustrate the exact scope and nature of their current compliance gap. We knew which groups were being used by their employees, and which were the most active, some of which were private groups, operating without the corporate office’s knowledge. We were also able to go into those groups and identify a broad set of use cases where Yammer was being used to derive real business value. This information became the basis on which to build the positive messaging corporate wanted to provide around the use of Yammer by retail employees.

Solution: In cooperation with Microsoft IT, we recommended a set of Yammer groups that would help align usage to policy, but would also address many of the other key business goals of the organization. We built out these groups and provided the necessary change management plans and documentation to foster more engagement and replicate the business value already being realized in pockets of the organization.