Using Formal Communications to Heighten Awareness in the Field

Background: The Microsoft Operations team requested that their out-of-date SharePoint site be brought back to life. This included updating the look and feel of the portal to be “One Microsoft” centric, increasing discoverability of information, and providing an easy to use format for the leadership team to author and publish content. 

Insight: Conversations with stakeholders revealed that an out-dated SharePoint site was one small issue within a larger overall communications deficit. As a worldwide organization, Microsoft Operations had a de-centralized communications plan that led to confusion. A deeper research investigation is now underway to determine the broader pain points and to discover pockets of success.

Solution: While the deeper research is underway, we have created a new content hierarchy for the site and provided a consistent template for the lines of business within Operations to follow. Support for “what content goes where” helped to clarify messaging and providing an easy-to-use blog structure for Leadership messaging, reducing the time needed to create lengthy and time-consuming newsletters. Further work to simplify and strengthen the communications plan will be outlined.

Outcome: The site redesign led to a large increase in visitors to the portal (there was limited effort to drive people to the portal previously due to the state of the site), and encouraged Leadership to post more frequently to the “Leadership top of mind” blog resulting in a stronger top-down message.