Storytelling Leads to Investment and Leadership Support

Background: Microsoft’s Services Technology Office uses some the “best and brightest” engineers in the company to imagine, design, and build actual products that influence the future. Carpool was engaged to help the team showcase short-term impact and long-term value to internal stakeholders. 

Insight: The work being done by the STO team was so cutting edge and interesting that other employees were naturally curious. The projects were often secret and giving people a sneak peak “behind the curtain” gave them an intrigued audience who was ready and willing to listen.  

Solution: Carpool helped create a strategy and communications model that centered around proactive storytelling. Stories were used to educate, inspire, and influence executives, stakeholders, product groups, and sales teams.  

Outcome: The strategy, and associated, stories lead to more investment and increased the responsibility of the team to share progress and results. A more open working style/environment helped them justify their efforts and establish more organized and transparent workflows.