“Our change management and adoption is built on community-driven principles and practices.”

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Carpool is not your typical Microsoft partner. We are boutique communications agency built to transform the way information flows from person-to-person and place-to-place using community-driven adoption and change management principles and practices. At our core, we help our clients navigate the craziness that is workplace transformation (a derivative of digital transformation) with a very human approach to change. 


Workplace transformation with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 facilitates and supports a change in the way we work. It is an amazing technology that functions as a catalyst to a more productive future, but it can’t be the only reason we make the shift to a modern workplace. Workplace transformation is about understanding how we can be better as employees, managers and leaders. Our objective at Carpool is to help our clients realize the positive impact evolving the way we work can have on productivity and engagement. Our job is to help you think differently about change and reimagine the way we work.


Where Carpool can help

Carpool works and thinks more like an advertising agency than a technology company. We learn about people through targeted research and discovery. We design and build strategy that’s designed to inform and change behavior in a more human and engaging way. We execute strategy with a campaign approach that focuses on “quick twitch” decisions and emotional conversions. We root our engagement efforts in client education and support that is both technical and empowering. Our approach allows us to turn quicker results and our ongoing management style is more agile and nibble.

There are six different entry points to our engagements. It can be as light and informal as a free 30 minute chat or as deep and committed as a six month community implementation. Whatever your need, we approach each opportunity as a blank canvas and with an open mind. Our objective is to help guide you and your people to the new and exciting world of the modern workplace where you can transform the way you approach every day, reimagine how people engage and information flows.


Three pillars

Our adoption and change management pillars are people, content and technology. Each play a fundamental role in taking people and team, organization, or company they work for from a current state to a proposed future state. Each pillar is interdependent on the other, yet each has a unique contribution and role to play in the journey that is change. Its our job to research, discover, design, build and support so that journey meets and exceeds desired expectations.



Our people function in a complex network of influencers, posters, champions, sharers, watchers, commenters, schedulers, and likers. Like a community outside of work, we naturally find our place and once there, start to define our contribution. Even with predefined roles and responsibilities, we are are unique and so is our impact. Understanding the impact of people informs us on how to approach each engagement with a customized, yet predictable approach.



The content we all create, consume, react to and share is the life blood of the organizations in which we work. Without content we are just people with useless tools. The content we create has a life… it moves and informs, grows and shrinks, is published and deleted. In a modern workplace content is also given room to move as it no longer is restricted to the regimented paths of an organizational hierarchy. We use this principle and the dynamic structure of a community to aid in our adoption efforts.



The Microsoft 365 foundation has the ability to transports organizations into the future with the flip of a switch. We realize is a little more complicated than that, but that’s not our job. Having technology that is user friendly and quickly accessible allows us to implement shift campaigns with increased confidence and greater accuracy. A common and familiar platform combined with cutting edge technology allows the adoption process to be less scary and invasive.


Carpool <3s Microsoft

Our relationship with Microsoft started nearly 12 years ago when our founder, who was then working at the advertising agency DDB, was pulled on to the Microsoft account. Four years later, a side project eventually turned into Carpool and we began to help Microsoft understand and explore the power of their own tools. Microsoft was Carpool’s first client and to this day we still provide a valued contribution by helping modernize the Microsoft digital workplace.

As a modern workplace adoption and change management partner, we are working closely with Microsoft to help customers reimagine the way they work with Microsoft 365. It is always an exciting and constant pleasure to work with such an ever-present and influential force for change. We are very grateful to be able to work with Microsoft to help you do work better.


Exclusive Microsoft offers

Based on the long-term relationship we have with Microsoft and the combined interest we have in supporting customers in the modern workplace transformation we have created the following offers to help drive more Modern Workplace engagements. If you would like to learn more about these offers for one of your customers please reach out and we can set up some time to chat.



A discovery campaign uses three sources of information and is designed to better understand how information flows though the organization. We use the information to develop strategic recommendations and insights for future adoption campaigns and change management issues.

We also create a test campaign designed to be targeted at a group that reflects the rest of the company to determine the receptiveness and adoption appetite of the audience.

4 - 8 weeks

$15,000 - $30,000 USD
(cost determined by size of audience)


Shift campaign*

This engagement is designed to increase user engagement on Microsoft Teams or Yammer using actionable insights already discovered and defined by the customer. The campaign includes basic discovery and concept development and creative execution.

4 months

$45,000 USD

*ECIF opportunity


Innovation hack*

The innovation hack is a campaign designed to capture the ideas and insights of employees and then turn them into actionable opportunities. The campaign uses Teams or Yammer to capture and discuss the ideas which informs and educates employees on how to use the tools without focusing too much on features and functionalities.

6 weeks

$30,000 USD

*ECIF opportunity


Community management

There are times when a customer needs a little help to ensure the campaign success is sustained. Carpool will provide community management services that includes daily Teams or Yammer management, content support, conversation listening, sentiment analysis, and people engagement.

4 - 6 months

$28,000 - $42,000 USD


Workplace transformation assessment

Modern workplace transformation assessments are designed to help customers determine where they should start their transformation and what next steps could look like. Our process looks at people engagement maturity, current flow of information and infrastructure complexity, which includes a review of their Office 365 deployment. The assessment is typically conducted within IT and concludes with a presentation and written report.

1 week

$5,000 (+ travel and accommodation)


One or two day training

Training sessions for large groups or small teams. Covers modern workplace transformation and how it will breath new life into an organization. Amplifying your culture using people, content, and technology. The power of Office 365 as a catalyst for change.

1 - 2 days

$2,500 USD/day (+ travel and accommodation)


Reimagining the physical space

A working session video call with the real estate team where we discuss and ruminate on the relationship between physical and digital environments. The impact of the digital workplace is forcing us to reexamine the influence the physical space has on our daily work activities and how it can cut costs, improve dialog and invigorate social behavior.

Two hour video call



Do you have an idea?

If you are working with your customer and have a specific solution in mind, but need assistance in implementing the idea, then let’s chat and figure out how to make it happen. Any first engagements sponsored by Microsoft receives an automatic 20% discount… because we love you.

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Let’s chat

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