Transforming from a Top-Down Newsletter to Crowdsourced Stories

Background: Microsoft’s Advertising and Online’s (A&O) internal communications team needed to modernize the way their employees consumed organization news and to increase employee engagement with internal content. They wanted to reinforce the holistic Microsoft A&O story by sourcing and sharing business-critical information from the field.

Driving Insight: People weren’t reading really long emails so they missed out on important information. 

Solution: Carpool provided tools and strategic resources to shift Advertising and Online’s internal communications from a newsletter-driven approach to dynamic team sites. We transformed an existing SharePoint site into a communal publishing platform with intuitive hashtag-driven curation.

Outcome: The new site enabled A&O to pivot the communications strategy from mass email newsletters to story-driven content sharing of sales wins, best practices, and insights from the field. “It showed a whole story—not just disconnected articles—it was a holistic story,” according to one of the project leads.

  • Increased employee engagement with content from 35 percent to 85 percent
  • Launched “Leadership Series” that increased Leadership Effectiveness Inventory score by nearly 10 percent