What does a modern connection with the Channel look like?

Background: The Channel (distributor and VAR) sales marketing team at Intel relies on email as their main channel of communication to their distributors and resellers. Utilizing this specific method makes it difficult to track the creation and consumption of Intel's marketing and engagement message. There are too many voices using the same channel, causing information overload.  Intel wanted to better understand the current state of Channel communications in order to streamline messaging and increase sales. 

Solution: We executed a discovery process covering four main areas: Internal stakeholder interviews, interviews and surveys with the channel, data analysis and audit and external resource and experience application to determine the root cause of why it’s difficult for the Channel to prioritize and process the varying messages. At the end of the research, we had over 2,500 data points to analyze and glean insights. 

Insights: In general, all research showed there was an obvious need to move away from a such a heavy dependency on the email-to-website communications strategy and instead shift to a social and more personable approach.  There are information gaps that are hard to see with such a vast channel audience, but the lack of listening and the inherent dependency the channel has on Intel means it’s tough to identify those gaps. We recommended several detailed strategies Intel can implement to improve engagement and reinvigorate the connection with the channel.