Recruiting Talented People by Publishing Really Interesting Content

Background: The academics team at Facebook was looking for a way to keep recruitment of the top research talent high and continue publishing relevant research for the consumers of Facebook, including advertisers. They were losing talent to their competitors, Google and Apple, and internal team members suffered from a lack of communication that would boost morale and interest in Facebook Academics.

Insight: In order to engage potential candidates and establish cross-functional communication within the Academics team, we recognized the need for a dynamic platform where events and content were easily accessible. Fostering more cross-functional communication and awareness within the department creates more visibility for the researchers both internally and externally.

Solution: Carpool developed a content strategy, content calendar and website as a hub for all department communications and external recruitment. Research fellows, published articles as well as upcoming research events were all included in the communication ecosystem. Once the site was up and the content strategy implemented, we acted as community managers to keep information up-to-date and in real time.