Product Marketing and Custom Site Builds

Background: Facebook has the most powerful and flexible analytics of any publisher.  They understand their audience’s preferences, visits, behaviors better than most—their unique value position lies in their demographic and cross measurement functionality. They came to us with the desire to create their own brand identity for Facebook Analytics that involved building an integrated marketing site.

Solution: Carpool set out to define the Analytics brand within the Facebook developers ecosystem look and feel. While maintaining the Facebook brand integrity, we created a custom set of brand icons and a custom, integrated marketing site that leverages the Facebook CMS for easy internal updates.  Because of the power of their key differentiator, we touted the cross measurement functionality as well as the “free” aspect of the analytics tools communication for launch. 

Outcome: We created a content platform and user experience that led to over 200,000 visits in just 6 months. We’ve continued to work with the brand and product marketing team to optimize and enhance the site with new features and updates over the past year and recently prepped the site for re-launch at F8, Facebook’s developer conference.