All pointed in the same direction

Carpool is more than a group of like-minded employees working together to service our clients. Carpool is a human agency that recognizes and celebrates all the different contributors of the work we do. It is a complex ecosystem of relationships managed by contracts, vision, and trust. The ecosystem consists of employees, owners, contractors, partners, clients, advisors, and fans.

We want to share our ideas and best practices, talk to people who want to improve their work experience, and learn from those who are having a positive impact. We are all about meet ups and host community conversations every now and then. Please keep an eye on our channels for dates, times, and locations. Or if you're interested in hosting let's chat. We can either join you or give you some pointers on how to get something going.  

If you like what you've been reading and you're interested in learning more or even joining the Carpool ecosystem as an employee, contractor, partner, or client then visit our ecosystem page where you can do a deep dive into all the goodness that's there. And thank you for your interest… it truly means a lot.