The Business Value of Open Communications

Background: After rapid growth and a multitude of new business acquisitions, Eaton Corporation, a 100-year-old global power management company with $20 billion in annual sales, needed a way to connect sales employees with relevant information from leadership that informs, and engages, as well as building community through conversation. They turned to Carpool to help develop a new internal communications and content strategy using their newly acquired licenses to Office 365.

Insight: The field needs a proactive voice from leadership that turns current email announcements into live conversations. 

Solution: Through interview and subsequent analyses, Carpool identified key pain points in the existing communications strategy for employees. We also demonstrated the value of working out loud by “walking the talk” and handling all client work and communications over open, collaborative platforms. 

Outcome: Carpool created a pain-point analysis, community engagement plan, initial blog posts based on employee research, a content publishing cadence and future content ideas, and provided a playbook with rules and guidelines behind the ongoing content and community strategies. This gave Eaton insights to help drive new business initiatives by empowering employees with vital information, while simultaneously proving out to their IT department the value of their recently acquired Office 365 licenses.