The Yammer Marketing team has recently produced a set of training videos that describe the value Yammer brings to a set of business scenarios. You have an opportunity to increase the impact of these videos by using these videos as scripts for your own training videos. We can help you reproduce them in a customized and purposeful way that increases engagement and addresses your needs, using your brand.

Your network isn't generic - there are unique aspects of your journey to adopting a modern workplace, and we want to help you tell that story.


This video not representative of the training video style. See sample of style below.



Step 1: A kickoff meeting to discuss logistics:

  • Discuss which training videos you want to replicate
  • Review scripts with a focus on showcasing the business value you are/intent to get from Yammer
  • How to shoot the video - process, actors, flow, b-roll
  • Timing and cost

Step 2: You shoot your first video - no expensive equipment required. Cell phone video is usually good enough. Optionally, we can provide a virtual director (at no extra cost) to call in to the shoot and provide support.

Step 3: You upload, we edit and review with you.

Step 4: We deliver final files, and can coach you on the video delivery options available to you.


Example of vibe
& production style



  1. We have a unique style that is real and natural. It’s based on the first-person style typically used in YouTube vlogs where the hero of the video develops a deeper connection with the viewer. The traditional look-past-the-camera-and-talk-to-the-interviewer style is overused and can feel forced. An actor doesn’t really connect with the audience for obvious reasons. We encourage freedom, celebrate camera hiccups, and use “bumpy” dialog to tell a different style of narrative — one that is rich and engaging. We then dress it up with professional editing and the customer’s brand so it feels organic and has obvious purpose. 
  2. Our deep expertise in driving adoption of Office 365 will enable you to create an integrated story that spans the modern workplace. Enterprise social isn't a standalone experience, and we can help you show how your network fits into the bigger picture of your employees getting work done in new and more efficient ways.


2 videos = $5K

5 videos = $10K - $15K

10 videos = $20K - $25