Improving your eating or exercise habits is hard. For evidence, look no farther than the $20 billion annually that Americans spend on diet books, drugs, and surgeries.

Evolving the way we work can be just as hard. Our daily habits make it easy for us rely upon ineffective ways of working. At Carpool, we believe that people and teams can be more effective when they work in more open and collaborative ways, but making that effort on your own can be a challenge.

As one small example, consider the weekly status meeting. Holding a 30-min weekly status meeting of 20 team members (with an avg. salary of $100K) will cost $8400 over 12 weeks. Cancelling a weekly status meeting might be scary, but together, we can show you how to replace those meetings with something more valuable.

We do this by providing a Team Coach. Much like a personal trainer or dietitian, we serve as both trusted guide and inspiration for your team to work in a more modern way. We’ll start by helping you paint a picture of what your new world of work looks like, then we help you make it real. We ride along with your team, using data to encourage and prompt the right behaviors until habits are established, value is realized, and team members are excited about the change.

Changes in behavior like this take time (an average of 66 days, to be precise!) and trust, so we’ve designed the program to last 3 months, from kickoff to debrief. Start evolving your work today by booking an initial conversation about the needs of your business.


  • Acknowledge your opportunities to improve the way your team works today.
  • Have the willingness to change as a team.
  • Bring a project that requires ongoing communication (i.e. day-to-day work).
  • Have the trust to share work openly. Half-baked ideas are not punished; they're rewarded.
  • Provide Carpool with access to your collaboration space in order for observation and active coaching to occur.


  • More effective teamwork, with the long term potential for real time savings and increased productivity.
  • Greater visibility across the team, and your leadership, about what team members are working on.
  • Knowledge of your team unlocked for others to be able to discover and use.
  • A style of communication that occurs in a more threaded, fluid fashion.
  • A culture in which your team feels safe to share.


  • Coach is available to the teams for 2 months (first month is spent in planning with the client).
  • One half-day discovery session where the goals and rules of engagement are decided, and expectations are explained.
  • Coach assists the team to work more effectively like a network, observing the team's activity several times a week, guiding the team on how to share in ways that drive value for colleagues, as well as what not to share.
  • Bi-Weekly 30-min Skype check-ins to learn and iterate.
  • Deep dive team check-in at 30 days, and a half-day debrief at 60 days.


  • Stories that we can share that illustrate business value captured.
  • Decision to move another project to your new way of working.
  • Other team-specific outcomes established in the launch meeting.


Our coaching program as described costs $5000 USD.

Customization for your team is available.